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12 Miles Bot chat bot

12 Miles Bot

TwelveMilesBot is the easiest way to get in touch with people nearby. Set chat location and talk to everybody who is pinned within 12 miles. Subscribe to your own city ...

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Страховки.НЕТ chat bot


Страховки.НЕТ - сервис для поиска, сравнения и покупки туристической страховки онлайн Что бы найти страховку для вашего путешествия, нужно пройти всего 5 шагов 👇 1⃣ выберите страну, куда вы направляетесь ...

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Air Tickets Bot chat bot

Air Tickets Bot

This bot helps to determine air tickets' prices between two destinations. Information taken from the best air tickets aggregator - Skyscanner.com

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Hipmunk chat bot


Hipmunk compares the top travel sites to find the best hotel and flight deals. Loop The Hipmunk into your team conversation to instantly receive helpful, bookable and shareable flight and ...

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KAYAK chat bot


Trying to find a flight for an upcoming conference? Need to agree on a hotel that fits your budget and your team? Wondering when your team members will be back ...

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london-tube chat bot


London Tube status information straight from TFL in one command. "/tube"

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Zoho Expense chat bot

Zoho Expense

With Zoho Expense, your finance team can receive notifications in Slack whenever an expense report is approved or rejected. Zoho Expense automates recording of expenses from receipts, and allows for ...

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Slash TZ chat bot

Slash TZ

Provides a simple command-line interface for natural language time zone conversions. Performs queries like "right now in london and paris", "2pm in berlin", "9am for me in Rome", and optimized ...

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This bot is for travel enthusiast that are looking to quickly book a flight

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HolidayBot's first mission in life is find lovely holiday cottages throughout the UK. HolidayBot will do the work for you, just have a chat with him and tell him what ...

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The Island Of Bali, Indonesia

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KLM is offering a new way to receive your flight documentation: Facebook’s Messenger service. After booking your flight on klm.com you can choose the option to receive booking confirmation, check-in ...

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Where is a chatbot that helps people quickly find nearby food, drinks, and fun. We help people search for any food in the world, or decide if they're not quite ...

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Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot

Hi, I'm Mica, your local hipster adviser. I help you discover the best hipster places near you! Tell me your city or send me your location and I'll tell you ...

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