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Чат боты на платформе Slack — удобный инструмент повышения эффективности бизнеса для компаний. Используя их, можно автоматизировать выполнение многих рутинных операций, высвободить персонал и сэкономить средства фирмы.

Engazify chat bot


A slack bot that makes it easy for teams to appreciate hard work and celebrate small wins using emojis. Engazify is passionate about the idea of Happy Teams. Once Engazify ...

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@must-read for Slack chat bot

@must-read for Slack

@must-read is your digital communication assistant. It will help your team to collect important messages and links and track who have read it. You get and send lots of messages ...

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/Games chat bot


We built this integration so you can easily search the Apple App Store and Google Play right from your Slack channel so you don’t have to ever go back into ...

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AVBot chat bot


The AVBot is a simple audio visual management tool for Slack created by the geeks at ConferenceRoomSystems.com! We found that creating a catalog of your available conference rooms and the ...

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Hipmunk chat bot


Hipmunk compares the top travel sites to find the best hotel and flight deals. Loop The Hipmunk into your team conversation to instantly receive helpful, bookable and shareable flight and ...

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/Lunchbox chat bot


Lunchbox will help you schedule lunch with all your peeps at your favorite spots. Use a slash command with your favorite restaurants, and a desired time. Our bot will offer ...

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Trailer Puppy chat bot

Trailer Puppy

Trailer Puppy aggregates new trailers from a few trusted sources. Use the app to fetch and view trailers as well as set up notifications of when movies are released on ...

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Saberr Hiring Bot chat bot

Saberr Hiring Bot

Saberr lets you forecast the performance of new hires based on team fit. Saberr improves your hiring workflow, and this bot speeds up your Saberr workflow! Why use Saberr? Saberr ...

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Eve chat bot


/eve exists to make your life easier by saving precious time for HR managers and staff. For starters, /eve can make requests for IRS W-9 & W-4 Forms from your ...

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ReviewBot chat bot


Monitor your iOS and Android apps! ReviewBot will send you ratings & reviews directly to a slack channel.

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Slack Platform News chat bot

Slack Platform News

News and updates from the Slack Platform, delivered straight to your team. If you work with Slack’s API, this is the perfect way to say in the loop with new ...

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Stickzilla chat bot


Search thousands of stickers for the perfect expression. /stickzilla Examples: /stickzilla busy /stickzilla yay

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Someecards chat bot


Locates the most relevant ecards from those funny people over at someecards.com and shows an ecard in your Slack channel. For example, /someecards happy birthday will show a funny birthday ...

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KAYAK chat bot


Trying to find a flight for an upcoming conference? Need to agree on a hotel that fits your budget and your team? Wondering when your team members will be back ...

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Pomo chat bot


Pomo is a bot for all the Pomodoro Technique lovers who use Slack. It's cool and simple. For now tracks your work/rest sessions. You can also ask Pomo about the ...

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/notes chat bot


/notes allows you to save your notes, ideas and thoughts privately in any Slack channel or conversation. It’s the simplest and most effective way to ensure you don’t miss anything. ...

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/stash chat bot


The /stash command allows you to stash arbitrary text associated with a key that you can privately recall or publicly post to a channel at a later time. Store links, ...

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SLAM Drive for Microsoft OneDrive chat bot

SLAM Drive for Microsoft OneDrive

Select files from your Microsoft OneDrive account and insert them into Slack. Supports personal and business OneDrive accounts.

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Chuck Norris chat bot

Chuck Norris

https://api.chucknorris.io is your first source for hand curated Chuck Norris facts. This integration will allow you to retrieve random Chuck Norris facts just by typing /chuck into your slack console. ...

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busybot chat bot


Busybot is a team task manager that makes it easy to assign work to your team in a Slack chat, and automatically organizes your tasks by channel. With Busybot, important ...

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Urban chat bot


This is a Slack bot that lets you quickly look up phrases from Urban Dictionary. For more check out https://urban-slack.herokuapp.com

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PBXDom for Slack chat bot

PBXDom for Slack

PBXDom helps SMEs to Enterprises better understand their phone system activity, *You lose money every time the sales department misses a phone call *You will have unsatisfied customers if they ...

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RUWTbot chat bot


Can a robot tell if a game is exciting? I think so. To get started, just type "/ruwtbot hello". I watch sports all day for areyouwatchingthis.com, searching for a pitcher ...

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teamfeed chat bot


Keep your organization updated about your amazing work. Simply showcase your work - Teamfeed gives your teams a canonical feed to track updates that matter. Post to your teams' feeds ...

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/Expense chat bot


We built this integration so you can easily track your expenses without ever leaving slack! All you have to do is type in /expense $ amount & description and we ...

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Glance chat bot


Get updates on your favorite metrics in Slack. Zendesk, Instagram, Alexa, MailChimp, Yahoo Finance, CrunchBase, Currency Layer, Google Analytics, Facebook, & Twitter currently supported.

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Daily Seth chat bot

Daily Seth

Read the full text of Seth Godin's most recent blog post in to any channel you choose.

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Tomatobot chat bot


Tomatobot is a set of simple commands to add useful tools to track your work using the Pomodoro method. Start work, and receive a message when it's time to take ...

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Revealytics chat bot


Get the key SaaS metrics based on Stripe data right in your Slack channel. Set up daily, weekly and monthly reports with your progress overview. • type overview to get ...

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Live Chat chat bot

Live Chat

Live Chat by Social Intents lets you chat with website visitors right from Slack. Convert your visitors to customers and sales by engaging them right from your web page. All ...

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DiggBot chat bot


Need to catch up on the latest news? Bored at work? Looking for the freshest videos? DiggBot has your back, friend. Use DiggBot to search for the latest news about ...

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london-tube chat bot


London Tube status information straight from TFL in one command. "/tube"

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/iPoli - Smart ToDo List & Calendar chat bot

/iPoli - Smart ToDo List & Calendar

I am your smart time management assistant that helps you plan and organise your life. Focus on the most important tasks today, every day! Your tasks are called quests! Gain ...

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quotbook chat bot


Search popular quotations by famous people or keywords from within Slack. Try /quot leadership, try /quot success, try /quot paul graham and more. Have fun sharing this wisdom of ages.

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Baremetrics chat bot


Baremetrics gives you one-click access to hundreds of metrics and insights for your subscription business! The Slack integration sends you instant notifications (Charges, New Customers, Cancellations, etc) as well as ...

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Emma Hotel Concierge chat bot

Emma Hotel Concierge

Emma is an AI+ML assisted human agent that helps you find the perfect hotel for business travel. 1. Message Emma with your business travel plans, hotel preferences and reward number. ...

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SlimWiki chat bot


SlimWiki is an easy to use knowledge sharing platform for teams. With a beautifully simple editing experience, including easy management of images, videos and attachments, your team will be able ...

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/coinflip chat bot


We built this app to make quick decisions with your team. Don't know who should do what? Don't know where to go to lunch? Trying to decide who gets to ...

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ClipWarehouse chat bot


ClipWarehouse is the visual clipboard that makes it easy to see everything you've copied. You can paste anywhere across your applications and share copied items with coworkers and friends. You ...

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Dictionary chat bot


Allows users to type /dictionary or /thesaurus to get the dictionary or thesaurus results for , respectively.

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/done chat bot


WHAT: A “Done” is a completed task that you want your team to know about. The more baby steps you celebrate, the more momentum your team will feel. And no ...

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Databox chat bot


Databox for Slack helps to make sure your most important metrics are always at your fingertips. You and your team will be able to view your data in context, right ...

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Crypto Currency Coin Market Cap chat bot

Crypto Currency Coin Market Cap

Access the current price of any crypto currency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, DASH, Monero, Dogecoin and more! While connected to slack, simply typing /coincap will return the price of ...

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yebot chat bot


Kanye Speaks, And Your Slack Will Listen! "/yebot" will fetch the artist's latest tweets and Slack one directly to your channel. It’s almost like he’s a member of the team.

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Brand24 chat bot


Get access to online mentions about your brand or product directly from Slack so that you don’t miss anything. Hook up your project to Slack to make teamwork easier and ...

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Brisby! chat bot


When a new member joins your team, they may have some common questions. Brisby can help you answer them so you don't have to! You can teach Brisby by asking ...

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Roundtable chat bot


Roundtable enables beautiful, one-click project updates for flat, productive teams. When team members are aware of each other, productivity soars. Say goodbye to old-school reporting: with daily one-sentence updates, the ...

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YouWorth chat bot


YouWorth provides precise and continuous salary estimates to professionals in the job market based on their LinkedIn™ skills, education, and work experience. Use our Slack app to quickly receive real-time ...

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